How to Draw Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd Singer

Artist: Dawn / March 14, 2018

Step 1.

Start off with the facial guidelines and shapes along with the neck and shoulder guides.

Step 2.

For this step you will sketch out the actual structure of Abel's face structure. You will also need to include the shape of his ear too.

Step 3.

Up next, since his face is being drawn on a 3/4 angle, the nose, eyes and lips will be drawn to accommodate that angel of the face. Start with the eyes and then move to the lining of the nose. When that is done draw the lips. Take your time, don't ru   

Step 4.

The puffy looking hair on the side of the head and jagged lining for the hairline and beard should be drawn in next. Start at the top and move your way down. Draw in the mustache too when you have drawn out the facial hair.

Step 5.

Add detailing inside the exposed ear, that's the first step. When that is done finish the eyes, then give Abel some eyebrows and a cheek line. You will also add some definition to the eye to make it seem a bit bold.

Step 6.

Here is the fun and complicated part. The best way to tackle this step is to draw the head shape which is with hair but not the dreads. When that front and back shapes are drawn out you can draw the finger line hand that is curled over to the front o   

Step 7.

Time to work on the neck shape and shirt or jacket collar. You will also draw the shoulder line too.

Step 8.

Finish things off by drawing the rest of the jacket which is crinkles in the texture and then draw the collar of the undershirt and give it some definition as well. Erase all the mistakes you made along with the guides.

Step 9.

And here it is, the line art for Abel from the Weeknd. Now you can have fun coloring in this singer's face. I hope you liked this lesson, thanks for joining me once again.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 14, 2018
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Description: If you are a big fan of the Weeknd, you will love this step by step lesson on how to draw Abel Tesfaye. He is the singer of the band, and from what I can tell the only one who sings. I love his style and his voice, I also love his songs with one of the most popular being Can't Feel My Face and I Feel it Coming. He was a bit complicated to draw because of his crazy hair. In this portrait of him the hair kind of came out looking like a big hand made of seaweed. Regardless tho, drawing Abel from the Weeknd should be a fun lesson to tackle. I always find that challenging tutorials are more exciting to tackle then the ones I can draw in a jif. So that's that. Have fun and look for my other tuts coming your way soon.