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Draw Madonna Easy

Artist: Dawn / February 19, 2016
Draw Madonna Easy

Step 1.

Draw the guide for the head/face and then draw the guidelines for the face and shoulders.

Step 2.

Here you will use the face guide to draw the actual shape of Madonna's face like so, once that is done draw the ear and then draw in her hairline.

Step 3.

Madonna is also known for her signature thick, dark eyebrows. Draw and color those in as well. Once that is finished, draw the shape of her nose and some of her eye lid.

Step 4.

Finish the face by drawing the rest of her eyes and lashes. Next, draw her lips and the mole above her lip. This too is a signature part of her face, without it she wouldn't be complete. Lastly for this step add detailing inside her ear.

Step 5.

We can now draw the shape of her neck and shoulders, then draw the straps for her sleeveless shirt.

Step 6.

Almost done folks. Back in the 80s the hairstyles that were in was the high hair teased look. Sketch out her wild teased styled hair and when you are done add some strand lines.

Step 7.

Lastly, give her a big oversized earring. The reference picture I used had a big star studded earring so that is what I drew as well. Erase those guides and mistakes then you're done.

Step 8.

That's it, color her in and you have just drawn Madonna. I hope you enjoyed this lesson people.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 19, 2016
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Tags: how to draw real people, how to draw music, how to draw singers
Description: "We are living in a material world And I am a material girl"! That is some of the lyrics to one of the more popular 80s songs and it is by the artist you will get a lesson on next. Today, we will draw Madonna easy, step by step and for the reference picture I chose to go classic and recreate Madonna as she was or looked in the 80s. Even though I was never a hardcore fan of hers, my Mother was a huge fan and of course I listened to a few of her songs. Madonna is good, but the type of music is not for me. She is know as the pop Queen and her style was always talked about because she consistently kept reinventing her image. I do hope you like drawing Madonna using this easy lesson. I will be back soon so stick around.