Ryan Reynolds Drawing Tutorial

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Make a head/face guide like so and then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Once that is done you can sketch out the actual structure of the face along with the top portion of his hairstyle.


Draw the shapes of the ears along with the hairline framing the face.


Now it's time to work on Ryan's face. Start with his eyebrows. The eyebrows rest low over his eyes which will help give him the expression most often seen on his face. Once the brows are drawn you can draw in the eyes and the detailing under them as    


Finish the eyes and draw the nose. Add the detailing to the edges of the nose and then draw in his smirk or mouth. Add the chin bump and you are done here.


Lastly, draw the shape of his neck and then draw the shoulders. You will also draw the shirt collar before leaving this step. When all is done and you are happy with your work, just erase the mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Add some color to your Ryan Reynolds drawing then upload your finished work.

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February 17, 2016

Description: Making lessons on Deadpool is great, and the film was obviously a success, but we can't forget about the man or actor who brings Deadpool to life in a more than comical way. Today we will be learning how to draw Ryan Reynolds, step by step and you will do it in a very simple manner. This portrait is going to be super easy for anyone to tackle. Since I have been doing lots of portraits lately it's getting easier and easier for me to make them. The best part about all the practice I'm getting, is I only use a few lines to get the job done which makes the lesson great for folks who are just starting out to draw. So have fun with drawing Ryan Reynolds and I will be back with some other fun tuts for you all.

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