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Draw Eddie Murphy Easy

Artist: Dawn / February 18, 2016
Draw Eddie Murphy Easy

Step 1.

You will start by drawing a guide for the head and face for Eddie.

Step 2.

Next, use the facial guidelines to sketch out the lining and nostrils for his nose.

Step 3.

Stick with the facial guidelines and draw the shapes of his eyes. One of those eyes will be raised because he is giving us a small glimpse of his personality. Add definition around the eyes and proceed to step four.

Step 4.

We can now sketch out the shape and actual structure of his face and head like so. You will also incorporate the ear and hairline. Eddie has short hair.

Step 5.

Next, draw in the thick eyebrows and notice the one is raised for that comical expression. Add the forehead wrinkles and then draw in the lips, cheek definition, chin arch, ear detailing and his earring.

Step 6.

Of course you have to draw the facial hair which is his signature mustache and lip beard. His facial hair should be thick and dark.

Step 7.

Lastly, draw the shape of his neck, the shirt collar and then draw the jacket which is over the shirt. Erase those mistakes and guides too.

Step 8.

In the end the drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. Color in your drawing of Eddie Murphy, then show someone who you just drew.

Comments (4)
MyNanIsObamaTrumpSucks · 5 years ago
:wow: that is acctualy easy i thoght it would take ages to draw thanks
T3LiTtLePiGs · 5 years ago
:wtf: :wtf: ^^; ^^; ^^; ^^; ^^;
T3LiTtLePiGs · 5 years ago
is dat a martin l king
T3LiTtLePiGs · 5 years ago
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 18, 2016
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Tags: how to draw real people, how to draw actors
Description: Everyone loves funny man Eddie Murphy and now you have a chance to draw one of the worlds funniest men alive. So, grab those pencils and get ready, because we are going to draw Eddie Murphy easy, step by step. For those of you who don't know, Eddie started his career on Saturday Night Live and some of his more popular skits are Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, Gumby, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra (with Joe Piscopo), and the skits where he did Buh-Weet Sings. For his movies, by far all of the Beverly Hills Cops, 48 Hours, Coming to America, Trading Places, Nutty Professor, Doctor Dolittle and of course, Shrek (the voice of Donkey). Anyways, this was a fun concept to draw because it took me back to childhood and now I have the pleasure of sharing my art with all of you. Have fun and don't forget to watch an Eddie Murphy movie, he will make you laugh till your sides hurt.