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Neil Young Drawing lesson

Artist: Dawn / February 20, 2016
Neil Young Drawing lesson

Step 1.

Start off with a head/face guide. When that is done sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Instead of sketching out the shape of the face, draw in the shape of the head which is also the hairstyle. Neil Young has always had long, straight hair and he also often kept it pretty neat. Add that part line down the middle of the scalp.

Step 3.

Let's tackle the eyes next. Draw the eyebrows first, and then draw in the shapes of his eyes. Notice that the eyes are drawn attached to the brow lining.

Step 4.

Next up, draw the nose and some of the mouth. For the mouth or lips all you will need to do is start off with the middle lip line. Finish off his eyes, and then add some detailing or definition to the face around and under the eyes.

Step 5.

Now you can draw the shape or structure of the face. When that is done sketch in the facial hair. At this point in Neil Young's life he had a beard and mustache.

Step 6.

Finish off Neil by drawing the shape of his neck, the collar of the sweater under his jacket, and then draw the jacket lapels and shoulders. Erase the mistakes and guides then you're done.

Step 7.

When you are done Neil Young should come out looking like the drawing you see here. Color him in, or keep Neil as a sketched image.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 20, 2016
Steps: 7
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Tags: how to draw real people, how to draw music, how to draw singers
Description: Howdy ho folks and welcome back to another lesson on a famous musician that has been making music since the late sixties and his work is still loved and admired today. I myself am a huge Neil Young fan so I can appreciate his works. Some of my favorite songs by Neil Young are Cinnamon Girl, Old Man, Heart of Gold, Harvest Moon, Rockin in the Free World, Down by the River and so much more. I decided to do a drawing of Neil Young when he was in his prime. I do hope people recognize him this young, but I'm pretty sure you will or at least his fans will. Anyways, go ahead and have fun drawing Neil Young and I will be back in a bit with some other fun tuts for you all.