Tech N9ne Drawing Lesson

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All you have to do for the first step is draw the head and shoulder guidelines.


Up next, begin detailing and defining the structure of Tech N9ne's face. Do include the outline of his ear too. The chin or jawline should be angled lining.


We will use the facial guidelines to draw i n dark eyeglasses which are also sunglasses. When that is done you can draw in the nose or nostrils and then the frown lines or crease lines along the sides of the nose.


Draw in his lips and then sketch in the thick, dark chin beard. You will also add some crinkles or wrinkles on the forehead and then add detailing inside the ear.


The face is basically done. We will move down to the body but first we need to draw in the collar of his jacket or coat. As you can see it is high and thick so be sure to add the detailing for that. Draw in the collar line for the tee he is wearing u   


Last step should be simple. Just draw the shoulders, and some of the arm on the sides and another flap for the jacket collar. Sketch in detailing to the collar or jacket flaps then add some wrinkling to the undershirt. Erase the mistakes when you are   


Here you have it, a finished drawing of Tech N9ne. I hope you had fun with this drawing lesson folks. Don't forget to color him in.

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December 13, 2016

Description: I'm not a big fan of rap music but once in a while I will go on a rap/hip hop listen rant. Though that is not the reason why I am uploading this lesson on how to draw Tech N9ne, step by step, I haven't done any recent lessons on musicians lately so here is one today. I was actually asked to make this tut by someone so I do hope it is enjoyable for the rest of you members and visitors of Dragoart. Tech N9ne's real name is Aaron Dontez Yates and he mainly grew up in Kansas. This fella had a hard time growing up. He never knew his father, but was brought up by his mother. Tech N9ne's mother suffered from ailments which made life hard growing up as a kid. Because of his struggles he often sought out anyway to meet God whether it be a ghost of him, or some formation in a cloud. His stage name is actually derived from a TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun. The nickname was bestowed onto him by a fellow rapper named Black Walt. His genre of music is rap, hip hop, metal, and even horrorcore. If you have never listened to Tech N9ne before, I suggest you give him a try. For now those of you who are his fans, you can enjoy drawing Tech N9ne using this lesson. I hope you enjoy the tut, I will be back with some other fun submissions for you all to try out and tackle.

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