How to Draw a Indian Warrior

Artist: koreacow / January 5, 2010

Step 1.

First, draw a circle for his head then draw the guidelines for his body. Draw two small circles for the hands. You will then draw the rough shape of his loin cloth.

Step 2.

Mark where his eyes, nose and mouth belong. You will also mark where the neck and chest will be. Then you will draw the guidelines for the weapons and the feathers in his hair.

Step 3.

Draw a rough outline of his entire body shape.

Step 4.

Clean up the rough lines you’ve just done by making it the perfect shape for his body outline. You can now draw his face and the outlines of the weapons.

Step 5.

Now you will start to draw little details on his body, such as eyebrows and hair lines and nipples. Then you can give him his accessories.

Step 6.

Finally, finish the drawing by drawing the shade lines for his muscles to make him look strong and powerful. Then do the fold lines in his outfit. Lastly, draw the details on his weapons to give them a three dimensional look.

Step 7.

Now you’ve got yourself a Native American warrior. I’ll see you all in my next tutorial.

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Artist: koreacow
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Description: Hey guys! Welcome back to my step-by-step tutorial. Today I am going to show you "how to draw a Indian warrior, step by step". I know it might seem a little bit complicated, but I assure you, if you follow the steps slowly, it’s actually not so bad. I am excited to talk about Native Americans in this tutorial and I wanted to talk a little about how Native Americans are related to Asians like me. Before I had learned anything about the Native Americans, I’ve always thought they looked kind of “Asian.” Apparently, we are related to each other. They belong to a race of people originally from Mongolia, who crossed the Bering Strait into North America several thousand years ago. It’s amazing how the human race is so interrelated when you trace back to where we all started. Now who can say that they have the pure blood of a certain race? Globalization has brought us all together nowadays regardless of race. I hope this tutorial will guide you step by step to draw a neat looking native America warrior. And I will be looking forward to see you all in my next tutorial. Until next time, happy drawing, and have fun with this tutorial that will teach you "<em>how to draw a Indian warrior, step by step</em>".