How to Draw a Barbarian, Barbarian Girl


As you know we will start this first step by drawing the head and body guides for this new barbarian character that you are about to draw. Start with the head shape and then sketch out the torso and hip shapes which are both triangular. Next, draw th   


We will now tackle the task of drawing her face. Start by sketching the face structure like so, and then draw the shapes of her eyes. nose and eyebrows like so. Notice how I gave her a catty shape for her lashes. Next, draw in the eyeballs, and then    


The next thing you need to do is draw in her neck, and then sketch out the wool collar that is part of her top. You will then draw the shapes of her breasts, and move to step four.


Okay, let's walk away from her torso for a moment and begin drawing out her long, flowing hair which is being blown around by the wintry wind. This will also conclude the shape of her head as well, and notice that there is some curly hair strands fal   


All you have to do here is sketch in the detailing to her long hair, and be sure to make a dark part in the middle of her head like so.


Let's get busy with her torso again. You will first need to sketch in her shoulders, and then draw the arms. She has leather forearm high gloves on that is lined with wool. This is to keep her arms and hands warm as she hunts and travels about.


This is where the tutorial starts getting interesting. I love her sword, it's probably one of my favorite things about this drawing. You will need to draw her sword starting with the handle. Notice how the handle is designed. You can either replicate   


We will focus on detailing her top as well as her gloves and wrist protector. Start at the top and draw a ring which the material of her shirt is threaded through. You will also sketch in the folds that overlap each other which is part of the design.   


Sketch out the actual shape of her body which is almost a perfect hourglass figure. Along her hips, begin drawing the leather and wool style skirt. The edge of her skirt is lined with a wool border so make sure to sketch this part out in a jagged fas   


We will continue on with the clothing once again. Sketch in the lower half of her top as well as the lining of wool that wraps around her torso. At the same time you will also need to draw the lining of her waist band that is part of the skirt, as we   


You are almost done with this tutorial. Here we will begin drawing the legs starting with the thighs. Once that is done, draw the wool trim around the top part of her boots, and then draw the lower half of her leg which is drawn to look like a goats    


Sketch in the detailing her for leather and wool boot like so, and like you did with the rest of the detailing, take your time for optimal results.


And finally, draw in her left or right hand which is gripping onto the snakes tongue. She is holding the snake head in this manner because she is on her way to bring the head to the person that hired her to kill the beast. Sketch out the snake head a   


Now that you're done, here is what the finished results look like. All you r hard work payed off because now you have some serious bragging rights when you show folks what you just drew. Excellent job to those that tried this lesson, and to those tha   


Here is the finished image all colored in with the background and everything. As you can see I drew and colored my own background as well as took a lot of time detailing the entire sketch.

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March 7, 2012

Description: I'm here today with a tutorial that took me a total of ten hours to complete. It is a character drawing that I started in Livestream yesterday, and when I signed off of streaming, I continued to work on this female figure. Today, I will be giving you a lesson on recreating her for yourself. Here is "how to draw a barbarian", step by step. The idea to draw a barbarian came from the movie 'Conan the Barbarian' which is as you know one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's first films. My brother watched part two, and it was then I had an idea to make a female version of this type of warrior. Even though I spent many hours on this female figure, I am still unhappy with the finished results. The drawing style is a bit different, I was trying to replicate a comic book feel with the body pose, and definition of her figure as well. The clothing is one of the few things that I actually love about her character. The leather material with the wool ruffle really adds a certain roughness about her overall appearance. The boots are supposed to be capped with a goat's foot. This is supposed to make her clothing and accessories rustic and very realistic when it comes down to how barbarians used to dress. Her headband and hairstyle is also very awesome, and the way that her sword is detailed I like as well. My sixteen year old brother suggested that I draw her holding the head of a snake after she won a battle against the huge snake like Conan had to do in the first Barbarian series. Anyways, here is the results of my hard work, I hope you enjoy drawing a barbarian of your own. Thanks and peace out!

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