How to Draw a Spider Skull Tattoo


Just make a simple shape for the head of the spider skull like so then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, use the shape you just made to sketch out the structure for the skull's head and face. Notice the cheek bones are very rough looking and prominent.


We will now use the facial guidelines to draw in the deep set in eyes. First draw the hollows which is the empty sockets before you draw in the actual eyeballs. When the hollows are sketched in you can draw the eyeballs like so. Next, define the chee   


Start the drawing process for the upper jaw like so. Add some shading under the cheek lines where the upper jaw is located for extra texture detailing. You will then draw in the top formation of the skeletal teeth. Finish this step by adding brow bon   


Finish the upper row of teeth by capping them off. Draw in the fangs as well because we want an intense look.


Okay, we are ready to draw in the spider's legs starting with the shorter of the four on each side. There is four joints to the small thin skeletal spider leg as you can see here. You will draw in this leg the same way you draw bones.


All you need to do here is draw in two more spider skull limbs and as you can see these two legs are almost the same size in length and in shape.


Draw in the third skeletal leg and when you do so make sure that it is a bit smaller then the two you just drew.


We will get started with the other side of spider legs in skeletal form. Begin the same way you did the left side with a small skinny leg.


Again, draw in the longer two which are also the biggest of all the legs on either side. There should be four bones to make a leg no matter how long they are.


Lastly, draw the fourth leg and then you are done. Now you can erase the mistakes as you finish everything off.


Here is the finished drawing now that you are done. All you need to do now if you like is color in the art.

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May 27, 2014

Description: Okay gang, up next is a lesson on a concept that was an idea given to me by Gicu Circu or you may know him as DuskEyes969. Here is "how to draw a spider skull tattoo", step by step in a real creepy way. When I posted the finished drawing on Facebook someone left a comment and said it reminded them of the skull spider from Legend of Zelda known as Skulltulas. Looking at it now I can see that it definitely does look like a Skulltula. The same concept really just in a realistic manifesto format. This was also a very fun concept to create and I want to thank all who joined me as I drew it live on I will be back very soon with the rest of my lessons so be sure stick around to see what's next.

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