How to Draw a Toad for Kids

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Make a circle for the toad's head and some of the body. Draw in a guide and move to step two.


Here you will draw in the top part of the toads head and then make the bumps for the eyes. You will then draw out the eyeballs, and move to step three when you are ready to move forward.


Up next you will draw out the toads neck or chin, and then draw out the lining that will form the mouth. Next, sketch in the nostrils and then draw out the eyelids which are slightly closed, and then draw the eyeballs.


The next step to tackle is to draw out the stubby, wide front legs and spread out toes. There should be four toes in total.


Now it's time to finish off the toad by drawing out the back legs and feet. As you can see the back legs are wide apart and in a squatting or sitting pose. Erase the mistakes and move along to see how your line art looks.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Now it's time to color in your animal, and have fun with all the things you can draw around the toad.

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September 12, 2011

Description: This next lesson was drawn for two reasons. The first reason is because someone asked me to make a tutorial on "how to draw a toad for kids", and the second reason why I made this tutorial, is because when I was outside the other day, I notice that there was a few baby toads or frogs in my yard near the brook we have down a dirt path. My little sister and I tried to catch some, but we got skeeved out from the way they looked all muddy and warty. Instead, I came in the house and began drawing a toad that both kids and adults can have fun drawing. Frogs, toads, and even tadpoles are all critters that almost every kid wants to learn how to draw someday. Now you can have the chance to see how well you can draw your very own frog or toad with ease. You can decide what type of background you want, and you can even choose to make a few toads big or small to create a small or large family. No matter what you choose to create, I’m sure you will have fun, and learn something new. Thanks for viewing yet another tutorial by me, and don’t forget to rate, comment, and fav any of the lessons you spend time with or view. Peace people!

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