How to Draw a Boat for Kids

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Make one slightly arched line for the top lining of the boat.


Here you will make another opening for the boat lining. Draw the boat in a parallel manner until you have a slightly opened sketch.


Now all you have to do is draw out the actual bowl like shape, and be sure to do this in a slow manner so the body of the boat comes out even. Add a trim line and move to step four.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out a cross hatching pattern for the boats design. When that is done you can start cleaning up your work.


Here is the finished product when you are all done. Now all that's left to do is coloring, and adding additional aspects like a person, or animal. You could even use this boat for a lake, or pond scene sketch.

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September 4, 2011

Description: Here is a very basic lesson on a boat for kids. Drawing a boat can be very difficult, but if you come across the right tutorial you will find it easy to get what you need done. This drawing is going to be as easy as can be and when you are all done you will have a completed picture that can be used in any drawing scenario you like. I personally like the way that this boat turned out because I know that I can draw anything to sit inside of it. All you will be doing is making a bowl shape and then drawing some weaved patterns on the surface for added detail. I didn’t want to make anything too big, so the end result is what you see before you here. Well, that’s about it, I hope you have fun with this tutorial on drawing a boat for kids. Let me know if it was helpful to any of you, and if you did wind up placing someone you should upload the art even more. Thanks guys and have an awesome drawing day.

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