How to Draw a Tanuki Leaf, Tanooki Leaf

Artist: Dialga_and_Palkia / January 10, 2012

Step 1.

Lightly sketch out the basic shape of the Tanuki Leaf with guidelines for the eyes, stem and centre of the leaf.

Step 2.

Re-outline the shape of the Tanuki Leaf but this time, on the left side, include a sort of round hole shape. Also, include that small stem at the bottom.

Step 3.

Using the same thickness of the outline, draw the centre line of the leaf where the guideline should be. Make the line slightly curved. Then draw the thin eyes at a fair distance apart while staying inside the guidelines.

Step 4.

This time, use thinner lines to draw the stripes of the Tanuki Leaf. Make them look like they are closing in onto the centre line of the leaf. It will make the leaf look curved and not flat. Try to make sure the lines don't touch the eyes.

Step 5.

Erase or rub out the guidelines and color your Tanuki Leaf in 3 brown shades. You could look at the official picture to see how it looks like.

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Artist: Dialga_and_Palkia
Date Added: January 10, 2012
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Tags: how to draw mario characters
Description: I just played on my cousin's 3DS and I came upon Tanuki Mario. I've known the Tanuki Leaf a long time ago but I've forgotten it for so long that it's as if it never existed until the game Super Mario 3D Land swooped into my cousin's hands. Now, some people may spell 'Tanuki' with two 'O's like this: Tanooki, but in Japanese, it's spelt with a 'U'. I Japanese, Tanuki means Raccoon Dog. If you watch the anime by Studio Ghibli, there's a movie about tanukis called 'Pom Poko'. In the Mario Series, there is a Power-Up called a Tanuki Leaf which allows the player to turn into Tanuki Mario. He wears a tanuki suit with ears and a tail. Statue Leaf is similar to Tanuki Leaf except it's made of stone and gives the user the ability to turn into statues so enemies wouldn't recognise them. By the way, I wasn't really paying attention to the official picture of the Tanuki Leaf so the stem is a bit too long! Sorry about that.