How to Make a Gradient Shade in MS Paint


Open the Attributes Window and change the Width to 100 PIXELS. It must be pixels and must be 100. For the height, any number you want. Then click OK.


Draw a diagonal line with the color of your choice from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Or you can do it Vice Versa, it doesn't matter. After that, color the two parts with two colors.


Open the Stretch and Skew box. In the first box, change the number to '1'. Then click 'OK'


After that, reopen the Stretch and Skew box and once again, rename the first box to 500. Since the number box can only go up to 500, you will have to repeat the method a few times until it stretches far enough to your desire.


If you followed the steps properly, the gradient picture should look like this, except that you would've probably used different colors. Well, enjoy your new Digital Art!

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January 10, 2012

Description: This is the way how most people blur two colors for a background. Mix two good colors together and it could become a really beautiful picture! Here are the codes to open the windows: CTRL + E = Attributes Window. CTRL + W = Stretch and Skew

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