How to Draw Zombie Mario, Zombie Mario

Artist: Dawn / September 28, 2011

Step 1.

As always you will start the first step by drawing out the shapes and guides that will be your tools to drawing zombie Mario correctly. Make two circles, one for the head and another for the body. Connect them both and add facial guides.

Step 2.

Here you will start sketching out the actual face structure for Mario. As you can see the lining looks lumpy for added detail. Draw in a nose and move to step three.

Step 3.

Next, draw out Mario's signature hat which is pretty normal looking. Draw in the had lid, and then make the circle for the M in later steps to come. Draw out the ear and add detailing.

Step 4.

Okay here is where the creepy stuff comes out to play. Draw out the eyes, eyebrows, and then draw in the side burns, mustache, and rotted skin patches. Draw out the mouth and teeth, as well as add some detailing.

Step 5.

Begin drawing zombie Mario's shoulders, some of the arms, and the straps for his farmer plumber pants or overalls. Make the buttons and add some wear and tear.

Step 6.

Draw more of the torso including the chest and stomach. Draw in the small pipe which is pierced through the chest, and make the marking or design lines for the pants.

Step 7.

Finish the body by drawing out the butt and legs which are also his pants. Draw the pocket, and bottom cuff or trim border at the ends of the pants.

Step 8.

Okay, the more steps we complete the closer we come to the end. Draw out the other arm, and then draw in the gloves. The hands shouldn't be drawn in a round manner. Instead make the tips squared for added strength appeal.

Step 9.

For the last step, draw in his boots and then make the soles. Erase the mistakes and guides then you're done.

Step 10.

The finished drawing is great. You can use your imagination when coloring in your Zombie version of Mario.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 28, 2011
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Description: Well guys, I can honestly say I have some goodies for you tonight. While you watched me draw live, tutorials were simultaneously being uploaded so folks have something to do while they visit. To start, how about we all learn "how to draw zombie Mario", step by step. This tutorial is being done because someone actually suggested that a zombie Mario would be a cool concept as a lesson. My takes on how I feel this drawing came out is not what I expected it to be. When I was finished, I wound up kind of disappointed with this sketch. The tone of his skin, the type of design I chose to go with, and some other factors is really making me double think on how the design looks. In general itโ€™s a wicked cool idea and I think many members are going to get a kick out of this submission. Anything that has to do with popular video game characters is always going to be a hit. I think just the simple fact that you will draw a zombie version of the beloved Mario is cause enough to click on the image and dive in nose first to get a replication of something like this done. Anyways I hope you enjoy drawing zombie Mario, and if you have any ideas on cool tutorial concepts, donโ€™t hesitate to let me know. Adios people and enjoy!