How to Draw Kirby vs Boo Ghost


Start out by drawing two full circles of about equal size, you can use a compass or any circular object to make it easier on yourself if you don't know how to draw a perfect circle. Use the photo on the right as reference.


Next is to draw the ghost's tail and part of Kirby's headband. For the tail, place your pencil on the bottom left position of the outlined circle you drew and draw a curve upwards. Then curve the pencil to the right and connect the line back onto the   


For the next step, you're going to draw Kirby's arms, another part of his headband and Boo's facial expression. Start somewhere off-center from inside the 1st outlined circle and draw a curve downwards and then curving your pencil back upwards until    


On this step, you can finish off the rest of Kirby's headband by drawing two more squiggly lines, but of equal size and length. They should be proportional to the first set of squiggly lines that you drew for the headband. Then simply connect them an   


Now that you finished the headband, it's time to start working on Kirby's eyes. His eyebrows are bent inwards and the eyes are oval-shaped but one is bigger than the other. Draw two lines, both at an angle and approaching towards each other as if the   


Next is to add in the pupils to Kirby's eyes and the colored cheek marks on his face. Draw two small ovals inside the big oval-shaped eyes and draw two more but smaller ovals under the first set, but this time you will curve the smaller ovals under t   


In this step, you're drawing the impact of Kirby's kick onto Boo as well as the bumps on his face. Just draw small and short curves upward starting from the edge of the outlined circle and curve the line segments back down towards the edge of the cir   


The next step is to draw Kirby's feet and his mouth. Just like drawing his arms, simply start from the edge of the circle and curve the line segment back to the outline where it connects. Kirby's bottom foot is bent in his position, so you will need    


You're almost done with this tutorial. This next step you will draw Boo's mouth but from where you made the curved lines on his cheek, you draw a line segment from the curved line you previously and create the mouth where it connects. Draw curved lin   


Step 10, you're just simply drawing out Boo's tongue as it sticks out from his mouth from the force of Kirby's kick. Start from the bottom of his mouth and draw a line segment from the mouth and outside the circle and curve it back up towards the edg   


Finally, you are going to draw Boo's hands and the inside of his mouth. To draw the teeth, you're going to draw line segments in the form of a V, but one of the teeth is in the form of a W, which is a broken tooth inside his mouth, you may include th   


Congratulations! You completed this How-to tutorial, How to Draw an Epic Fight Scene, Kirby vs Boo Ghost, from Antartistik, job well done. What's next?! Add some color to your drawing or maybe add some of your own details to make the fight scene look   

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March 6, 2012

Description: Hey there fellow dragoartists and guests, I'm Anthony aka Ant-artistik and today I will be bringing you my very first tut that I've recently finished today, How to Draw an Epic Fight Scene, Kirby vs Boo Ghost. I know we all know these two characters quite well from their respective games and merchandise so there's no need for an introduction. You will be learning how to draw these characters in 11 short and easy steps, however they are quite lengthy as I tried to be as specific and simple as possible, so if you have trouble understanding the steps, please by all means use the images as reference. It sure was quite a bit of fun having to digitally illustrate and color these two characters and accidentally going way over the top by making an epic background and extra details, but I didn't think it would be nice to include all of that in with the tutorial, so good luck and have fun drawing!

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