How to Draw a Spinosaurus

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Draw a head shape and then the body shape. Draw the long neck line. You will then draw the long tail lines, and then all the limbs.


Begin sketching out the mouth opening and then the head of this dinosaur.


Finish drawing the mouth or muzzle, and then the rest of the head. Next, draw the neck, using uneven lining.


Draw all the sharp teeth, and then sketch out the tongue, eye, and some detailing on the neck. You will also draw out the arm, and then some of the belly. Next, draw the lining for the spine like you see here.


You are now going to sketch the rest of the arm, and some of the hands. Along with the thighs, lower leg, and the rest of the underbelly and tail.


Finish off this dinosaur by sketching out the rest of the legs, and massive feet. Finish the tail, and then add some last minute detailing and defining. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Look how awesome your newly drawn dinosaur looks when you are done. I hope you had fun, and once you are done coloring it in, you will have an awesome looking spinosaurus.

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June 9, 2010

Description: Now that I have that sunrise uploaded finally, I will move onto something a bit different. How long has it been since I submitted a lesson on a different dinosaur species? A long while, that's how long. Anyway, this next tutorial has been sitting in my folder for exactly one week. I didn't submit it because I wasn't in the mood to write out a description about another dinosaur species. To tell you the truth, I'm still not feeling like it today either. Nonetheless, I still have to do my job which means you will now get a lesson, on "how to draw a spinosaurus", step by step. For those of you that have questions about this dinosaur species, I will try and be as specific and helpful as possible. For one, these creatures are given the name “spinosaurus”, because of their numerous spines that they have on their backs. This large meat eating lizard lived during the Cretaceous period, which was around ninety six million years ago. Most of their remains or fossils have been found in the surroundings of Africa. The spines that these dinosaurs had on their backs, was about six feet long, and it also looked like a boat sail. Some researchers believe that the fin like shell, was used in mating rituals, and also as a defensive mechanism. It is also believed that the raised sail like spin, was also used as a heating or cooling temperature gauge, if you will. If this species was to get into a fight with another carnivore, the spinal fin would act as a shield so that a lethal or deadly bite to it's body can be prevented or blocked. Like the T-Rex, and Velociraptor, the spinosaurus was also a bipedal standing creature with small arm limbs. How big was this beast anyway? Well, it's reported that this animal was about fifty feet long, and weighed around four to eight tons. The spinosaurus comes from the family “spinosaurid”, and amongst it's other relatives, it's considered to be the biggest out of the family. This dinosaur is also seen in Jurassic Park III when it tries to munch on the people inside of the crashed airplane. What about the dinosaurs teeth? The teeth of a spinosaurus, was very large, sharp, and long. The species fed on large ocean fish, and other dinosaurs like the sauropod, which is another breed of a long necked dinosaur. Anyway, ever since I watched Jurassic Park III, I have been a fan of this amazing lizard. I do believe that you will have fun learning "how to draw a spinosaurus", step by step. The awesome thing about this lesson, is how easy it's going to be to tackle. When you're done, you should submit your work, so everyone else can have a glance at what you have created. Well, adios amigos, and be sure to come back real soon to join me for another fun filled tutorial.

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