How to Draw a Dinosaur for Kids

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The first thing you need to do is draw out an egg shape of this simple dinosaur's head. Next, attach another shape that is going to be for the body, to the head shape you just drew. Lastly, add the facial guidelines.


You will begin drawing out the actual shape of a triceratops head which is a flat, round shaped bone. Next, draw in the small horns.


Finish drawing out the face which is very chubby, and baby like. Draw the lumps for the cheeks, and then the shapes of the eyes like so. Begin the lining for the body too.


Loo how cute your simple dinosaur will look when you are done. Now what you need to do is color in the eyes, and then draw the nose, center horn, and nostril holes. Draw the front legs, and then the back legs which are spread apart.


To finish off your drawing, just erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one, and then draw the nails that go on each toe. There should be three on each foot.


Now that you are done, your drawing of a simple dinosaur looks like the one you see here. Choose some colors to shade in the drawing, and then you are all done!

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May 28, 2010

Description: Now that the most complex lesson of the day has been uploaded, I will move onto more simpler things to draw, starting with this tutorial on "how to draw a dinosaur for kids", step by step. Just because dinosaurs are extinct, that doesn't mean that this is an animal that isn't highly requested. Even though these are fantastic creatures, dinosaurs are very complex to draw because of the massive detailing and definition they have. Dinosaurs also have complex body parts that can sometimes be hard to draw too. Not no more though! I will show you how easy it can be to draw a dinosaur with no mess, fuss, or strain. I chose to do a triceratops because they are one of my favorite species. The triceratops is also one of the more popular animals from the past, along with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Brontosaurus. No matter how skilled of an artist you are, you will definitely enjoy this lesson. I am a big time fan of these reptiles that once walked the earth, and I am also thrilled to be uploading this lesson. I think you too will enjoy this submission that will allow you to "draw a dinosaur for kids", and have fun doing it too. The end result is going to be awesome, adorable, and extremely cuddly. I will be back later with more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what I will upload next.

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