How to Draw a Sphinx, Draw Sphinxes

Artist: PuzzlePieces / December 28, 2012

Step 1.

A sphinx's neck is long and is just as wide as the head. Their ears are catlike but still come up from where a normal human's ears would. They're faces are also sort of flat, the nose coming down with the flow of the brow instead of coming in.

Step 2.

Their wings come up out from just behind the shoulder blade. They are like any other bird's wings and they have two joints in them and they fold in close to the body.

Step 3.

Their tails are much like any other lion's tail, save for one difference. Along with the tuft of hair at the end, there are also a few feathers that come out as well.

Step 4.

Now it's time to draw. We'll start with a base, framing out the basic shape of the body, drawing joints of the wings and the long curve of the tail.

Step 5.

First things first. We're going to define the shape of the face and the ear.

Step 6.

Then we'll add in the features of the face, drawing out the mouth and eye. I added some spots to mine, you don't have to if you don't want to. I also added some hair coming out of the ear.

Step 7.

Then we'll bring the hair down from the tom of the head, leaving it long and kind of messy.

Step 8.

Now we'll connect the neck to the chest, adding in some hair details along the way. We'll also start on drawing the front leg, starting with the shoulder.

Step 9.

Then we'll bring the rest of the leg down and the other out out, adding the detail of the hair again and ending each leg in a paw like that of a lion.

Step 10.

We'll bring the back down from there and we'll draw in the hind leg.

Step 11.

From there comes the tail, bringing it around and ending it in fur and feathers.

Step 12.

Now for the wings. We'll draw where they connect and then we'll draw one layer of feathers.

Step 13.

Then we'll bring the second layer out from behind there, making them longer and more powerful wince they are the primary feathers for flight.

Step 14.

And there you have it. You drew a sphinx. Congrats to you.

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Description: And here we go again this time with a creature that is part human and two parts animal. I'm going to show you how to draw a sphinx today and I've included just a couple tips to help make it just a bit easier for you all. So sit back and enjoy and we'll get started.