How to Draw a Naga, Snake Woman

Artist: PuzzlePieces / December 29, 2012

Step 1.

Nagas aren't too difficult to draw. They are for the most part female, though if you wish to draw a male one, that is completely up to you. They are combination of person and snake and they combine at the hips. They still keep the hips of a human, bu   

Step 2.

Their tails can end in different ways depending on your taste. They can end like a normal snakes tale or they can be part rattle snake. They can have a barb at the end of the tail or their tale might even be forked. Feel free to experiment to get tha   

Step 3.

They can have normal hair. or if you so like, they can have snakes for hair, adding more to the over all snake theme.

Step 4.

Now that you have the basis, we'll get started. We're going to make the top have of our base like that of a human, but then when we get to the hips, we're going to make a big oval and then bring down a long line that curves up at the end.

Step 5.

Then we'll start out with the shape of the face as well as drawing the ears. You can make yours round or pointed, it's up to you.

Step 6.

Then we'll move onto the hair. I made mine long and sleek, but feel free to experiment with different styles.

Step 7.

From there we'll add her facial features. Fangs and sharp, almost catlike eyes give her a more snake like look, also more devious. Also her nose should be more on the flat side.

Step 8.

Now for her torso and shoulders. I didn't give mine clothes and I have her hair covering her breasts. You can add clothes if you like though.

Step 9.

We'll bring her arms out from there and draw in her naval. A sassy pose seems to fit well here.

Step 10.

Now to draw on that tail. We'll bring it out from the hips, making a bumpy line between human half and snake half, sort of making it look like scales.

Step 11.

We'll bring the tail down and around, starting to make it thinner along the way.

Step 12.

And then we'll bring it to the end, as well as draw the under belly portion in.

Step 13.

Way to go! You drew a naga. Feel free to mix it up however you like and give her whatever snake pattern you want, or make one up!

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Description: Here we go again. This time I've got a tutorial about Nagas for you. You know the drill. I'm going to give you some tips and then I'll go through some steps to help you draw one. So get your things ready and we'll get started.