How to Draw a Shadow Elven Girl

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This tutorial step starts with drawing out the guidelines and body circles for the shadow elve. Start by drawing a perfect circle for the head, and two smaller circles one for the shoulder, and one for the breast. After you draw those shapes out lig   


In this step what you will be drawing is her hair lining that is long and flowing over her shoulders. Sketch in her eyebrows and lining for the shape of her eyes. Detail her pointy ears and nose as well. Finish off this step by drawing the rest of he   


Now this step is very detail oriented. What you have to do is sketch in all of that beautiful looking hair that flows right over her shoulders hiding her beautiful naked body. After you accomplish this task which takes at least 5-10 minutes depending   


And this is what your shadow elve girl should look like when you are done. The good thing about this last step is you can color her any color you want to. You can make her a regular looking elve or a different race. That is totally up to you.

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February 18, 2008

Description: This tutorial will show you how to draw a shadow elven girl. Now, as you can see from the image there is something about her look, almost like there is a story behind those piercing eyes, well there is. She is a lost soul that is struggling to find her way through life. The shadow fairy that you see on the side stays with this girl to guide her through her life travels. I named her Shilia; she is very young and inexperienced when it comes to worshiping, following orders, and taking matters into her own hands. Because she doesn’t know where she fits in among her elven people, Shilia ran away to find herself. The elders knew that she was going to become a very lost, and difficult girl, so before she turned 16 they summand a shadow fairy to help her on her long travels. The fairy is supposed to act like a conscience for her, help her understand why she feels so confused about her life. Shilia is the most beautiful out of all the shadow elven girls, it is said that she is to become a queen by her own hand. That is why it is her destiny to leave and make her fate a reality before she reaches the age of 21. Along her travels she will get older and wiser as her mind becomes clearer from being alone. In her journeys she will eventually meet a man that will sit beside her as king on the throne of the kingdom that she is destined rule. Will she be a cruel and unjust leader? No one knows, but one thing is certain, if she fails in her journeys and never washes the sadness away from her heart she will be the queen of hatred. This tutorial has step by step instructions to teach you how to draw a female shadow elve. There is only four parts to the tutorial and every part will make it that much easier to help you sketch out your own elve. The fairy wasn’t done by hand I actually used a special effects brush in the shape of a fairy in Photoshop. The sketch was done by hand from a drawing in my sketch book. I hope you like my version of a shadow elven girl.

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