How to Draw a Zombie Dragon, Zombie Dragon


Begin this step draw two shapes, one for the head and the other for the body. Draw a connecting line to both shapes and move to step two.


In step two, you will be sketching out the bone like head and horns like you see here. The muzzle or snout should contain bumps and grooves like so.


Draw out the bottom half of the bony jaw and notice how there are angles and edges. Once you do this you can sketch in the hollow eye hole, and then an empty snout or nostril hole. You will also need to color these two shapes in, and when that is don   


The head is ready to be left alone. Now you can begin drawing out the body starting with the long semi thick neck. There is some torn flesh on the top part of the neck which exposes the muscle tissue and bone. Draw some of the shoulder and then move    


Here you will start the process of getting the right arm drawn in. Start at the top, and then draw the arm in a bending pose as well as the claws and nails. Add some detailing like so, and move to step six.


Draw the other front leg and claws like so, and add some bony detailing to the front leg like you see here. The nails or claws are sort of prominent so make sure this is a quality that stands out.


Since this is a zombie version of a dragon, there is no fat or even body mass to this dragon. It's basically skin and bones. You will draw out the back, stomach, and hind leg like so, and then draw out the back foot along with the toes and claws. Don   


Draw out the tail and for me I went with an arrow tipped shaped tail. You can make any type of tail tip you like, this is just my personal preference. Once the tail is drawn in, you can add the stitch lines down the neck, and on the hip of the leg.


Okay guys, sketch out the torn, tattered, and worn wings like so. This should be easy to do because this zombie dragon is kind of easy to draw. The wings are basic, so just draw a very simple style and add some detailing by drawing holes, rips and te   


For the last drawing step, you can sketch in some stomach and intestines if you like for added gore and crossness. If you want to leave this part out, that's up to you. Erase the mistakes and clean up the guides that you drew in step one.


Here is the finished line art when you are all done. Color in your newly drawn zombie beast and color it in. I hope you had fun guys, and make sure that you upload your drawing of this zombie dragon when you are done.

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September 12, 2011

Description: Who had fun today in Live stream? I know I had a blast and I also had fun creating a new version on my take of a zombie dragon. I say “new version” because a long while ago I actually made a drawing of a wicked cool zombie dragon that blew me out of this world. If you want to check out the lesson I’m talking about, just go into the dragons’ category and go to the third page. Scroll down a bit and you will come across an older version of this concept that I am submitting to you now. Even though I already created a tutorial on "how to draw a zombie dragon", I figured since everyone was asking me for one, and because I’m on a kick with making new zombie animals and creatures, I think you will like what I have to offer. I will be back in a moment with one last lesson for the rest of the day, and be sure you stick around for another hour because I really want you to see what I will submit next. Peace out people and have fun drawing a zombie dragon once again.

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