How to Draw a Dragon Tattoo, Dragon Tattoo


The first step is really simple, all you have to do is draw out a circle for the head, and then draw a line for the neck of the beast.


Here you will sketch out the prominent or bulgy brow of the dragon, and then carefully sketch out the top part of the snout which is also known to be the bridge of the nose. Be sure to sketch in those creases and folds for added detailing.


Starting at the end of the nose, continue to draw out the shape or structure of the mouth which is screaming open. Once that is done you will also need to sketch out the bottom jaw and be sure to add the bone detailing at the side of the face which i   


You will now begin sketching out the shape of the dragon's eye and notice how the outer parts of the eye are darkened or colored in black. Sketch in the detailing under the eye and around the lining of the mouth.


Here you will start sketching in the razor sharp teeth which are longer or bigger on the top, and smaller on the bottom. Once you draw in all of the teeth, and you take your time doing so, you will need to sketch out the tissue or skin at the corner    


You will now start sketching in some of the scales on the face along the jaw, cheek, and brows. When that is done draw some markings on the tongue, and then color or shade inside of the mouth like you see here.


Now is the time that you start sketching out the horns, and the frills on the sides of the face or where the jaw bone is well defined. Take your time with this step because you have to make sure that the frills and horns have a real grungy and incred   


You will now start sketching out the front part of the neck and even though this looks complex, it's really not all that bad. Draw in the shape of the neck and then in a real grungy way sketch in the scales on the neck, and then add some bold shading   


For the last drawing step just finish sketching out the neck and then add some bold color at the edge of the body. Sketch in the scales, and then clean up the drawing when you are done.


When you are all done, this is how the dragon tattoo looks. Color it in and be on your merry way as you try out something else on


This is a full view of how the dragon looks all colored in with a full view image. I hope you had fun making your very own cool dragon tattoo.

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August 30, 2011

Description: It’s that time again and I really wanted to get this tutorial up before some of you come home from school. I know a lot of kids and even older teens log onto Dragoart later in the day or a few hours after they have been home from school and expect to find something new listed. Unfortunately, I didn’t get done working until late this afternoon which means descriptions for some awesome tutorials are late to go up. I will start by showing you guys "how to draw a dragon tattoo", step by step. My whole reason for making this concept for a dragon is based on the fact that I really enjoyed making those lessons on the tattoos that I did a few weeks ago. The dragon I have for you now is drawn in such an awesome way, and the concept for the sketch was just as random as it gets. Drawing dragons is one of my favorite things to do even if I don’t have time anymore to create new works of art on a regular basis like I would love to do. Instead I have to draw a number of things ranging from cartoons, to animals and anime stuff. At least the tattoo you will learn from today is going to be pretty simple to replicate. The coloring job I did almost makes this dragon look impossible to draw, but the truth is it’s not going to be all that hard. You can choose any shade you like when coloring in your finished dragon drawing, and remember to let me know if you liked this tutorial on "how to draw a dragon tattoo" because I love the feedback whether it’s good or bad. I shall return people with some more drawing fun so stay tuned in and have fun drawing dragons!

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