How to Draw a Simple Pikachu

Artist: DuskShadowWolf / August 9, 2013

Step 1.

If you like using guidelines, keep reading. If you prefer not to, skip ahead to step 5. The guide lines here are a circle for the head. I also added lines to show where the eyes and nose should go! The body is shaped like a strange, curved rectang   

Step 2.

Draw a long V shape to show where the arms/ front legs will go! Two smaller circles also help show where the legs will be drawn.

Step 3.

Sketch in thee yes and nose shapes. This pikachu's eyes are closed, so small curved lines will be okay.

Step 4.

add lines to show where the ears will be. They can be in any position. Not just down! The tail might be a bit confusing, but it's only a bunch of connected rectangles!

Step 5.

Add the eyes and nose. The nose is just a little oval! The cheeks can be fluffy, but you don't have to draw them that way.

Step 6.

Add the head fluff. If you don't want it, a curved line can show where the top of the head is.

Step 7.

The ears are just big, somewhat curved triangles! They don't have to be this long, but it adds to the "cute" theme of this picture.

Step 8.

This pikachu is fluffy, so I am adding a little more fur to the neck. The body is a curvy line!

Step 9.

Do the dame with this side, too!

Step 10.

Add the bottom of pikachu. The feet are small half circles.

Step 11.

The arms are very long triangles. The paws aren't very big, so it's okay to leave them connected to the arms as they are here.

Step 12.

I added some fluff on the chest. It's not necessary, but I like adding it.

Step 13.

As said before, the tail is made of connecting rectangles. Start with part of one connecting to the body.

Step 14.

Finish the tail leading to the big part.

Step 15.

The bigger part of the tail gets bigger toward the outside, but not by too much. Remember that if you're drawing a female pikachu, she most likely has a notch in her tail! That would just be a v- shape missing from it.

Step 16.

Clean up the lines and you're done! Now you can add colour, shading and a background if you want!

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Artist: DuskShadowWolf
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