How to Draw a Simple Fox

Artist: DuskShadowWolf / June 21, 2013

Step 1.

This requires a little knowledge of anatomy. Draw the guidelines of the fox. This helps you get the proportions right!

Step 2.

Draw the face. I start with the nose, which is a little dot. This helps to place the eyes correctly. Next, draw the eyes. In this drawing style, the eyes are only big circles. They can be any colour, but I usually keep them black.

Step 3.

Start this step by adding the cheek fluff. The length of the fur is up to you! After that, draw the ears. They're just big curvy triangles! Don't forget the inner ear.

Step 4.

This step can be done in a few different ways. For a more realistic fox, draw a line between the ears to show the top of the head. If you want a slightly more cartoonish fox, make that line fluffy! I drew a big poof of fur, like the fox ha   

Step 5.

Start adding the body fur now. The belly curves as it goes from chest to the back end. Foxes are usually fluffier around the neck and beginning of the chest, but if you want a very fluffy fox, add more fur!

Step 6.

The front legs and paws are nothing more then curvy lines. If you look closely, it looks somewhat like a curvy rectangle without a top! The paws here don't show up too much, but that's okay! It makes it more cute!

Step 7.

Start this by drawing the rest of the back. Remember to make it curve a little! The leg itself is a half circle. The foot is another, smaller half circle! To connect the foot with the leg, simply draw a line.

Step 8.

Now you can draw the tail! Tails can be drawn in many ways, so be creative! To draw this tail, start with the top half. It's a curvy line! The bottom half has a few puffs of fur, but is also a curvy line.

Step 9.

Now you're ready to add the details! I added some more chest fur, ear fluff, and lines to show the toes. You can add more if you want. Your fox is finished! Colour it however you want, add shading and a background if you wish. Leaving it blank   

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Artist: DuskShadowWolf
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