How to Draw Hiccup and Toothless, How to Train Your Dragon 2


Let's begin. Start with a circle for Hiccup's head, then draw in the torso guide. You will then sketch in all the guidelines for both the face and torso.


Here you will draw the larger head shape for Toothless, then sketch in his facial guidelines as well as the neck guide.


Begin drawing out the shape of Hiccup's face as well as most of his hairstyle which is a bit long and shaggy. These two characters whined up looking like animie-ish.


You will now draw out the eyebrows, then draw the beginning lining to form the eyes which are of course, the upper lids. Draw in some of Hiccup's nose.


Finish drawing Hiccup's eyes, then sketch out the nose, and his simple friendly smile. Don't forget the dimples on Hiccup's face.


In this step you will starting working on Toothless' head shape. Begin on the side of Hiccup's face to start the drawing process of Toothless' head. Once that is done incorporate the eye shapes, then proceed to step seven.


Finish drawing Toothless' head shape and his bottom jaw or mandible. As you can see his mouth is open because he is also trying to rock a smile. Draw the shape of his other eye, then draw in the ears which are semi visible. Add detailing between the    


You will first need to draw in the slit pupils, then draw in his small rounded dragon teeth. Once that is done color in the nostrils, then draw the small horns that run up the forehead and down the spine. Begin sketching out all the various scales on   


We will now begin drawing some of Toothless' body starting with the neck and chest. One that is done draw some of the wings, and then add detailing to the wing tissue. Add more scales, to the body, then proceed on.


Okay guys, Toothless is done for now. We will work on Hiccup's body next. Begin with making the shape of the neck in the form of his collar from the armor he wears. Once that is done draw some of the chest, then draw the plated shoulder pad. You will   


Finish drawing Hiccup's upper body by drawing the right or left shoulder, then draw in the arm, shoulder pad, and then the rest of his torso. Add detailing to the strap like the buckle, buckle holes, and a swirl like symbol on the strap. Also detail    


Almost done folks. Sketch in the other belt that runs around Hiccup's upper torso, then add some thick fringe on the sleeve or shoulder armor. You will also need to add a sewed up stitch line along with thread to the shoulder. It looks like his armor   


All you have to do here is draw out Toothless' other wing, then draw in the rest of Hiccup's hair. Add detailing to his hair as well, then begin the task of erasing the mistakes.


The final piece comes out looking like the drawing or line art you see here. My drawing was a digital painting so what I did was make a tut out of that for you all.

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July 13, 2013

Description: I don't know how many of you know, but there is a squeal to HTTYD so when I found out that there is another movie coming out, I got super excited and spent a lot of hours on a painting for a tutorial on "how to draw Hiccup and Toothless", step by step. This is by far one of my favorite works of art. I put a lot of heart into this piece and I would do it again if I felt that strongly about the film or characters. As you can imagine the lesson itself for these characters will be a bit complex for novice artists, but if you keep pushing forward you will be successful in the end. I do hope you enjoy drawing Hiccup and Toothless, I had a lot of fun recreating them in their bonding pose. Adios people.

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