How to Draw Hackus

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Make a hazelnut like shape for the head guide of Hackus then draw the body outline. You will sketch in the facial guidelines before proceeding to step two.


Draw the bulbous shape of Hackus' face, then you are done with this step. Easy right?


Use the facial guidelines to draw in the shapes of his eyes, then draw the eyebrows. Since the view of this Smurf is from the front the nose will be drawn in the form of a small circle. Add a great big smile, then draw in some chin hair that is cone    


Draw the Smurf hat upon his head, then draw the thick hair chunks that spurt out from the sides of his head. Add detailing to the hat, then move along to the next drawing step.


All you need to do here is draw in the right or left shoulder followed by his arm and hand.


Lastly, draw the other shoulder and arm, then draw in the rest of his torso. You will also need to draw the thumb as well as the chest detailing. When all is said and done you should be able to erase the mistakes with ease.


Here is Hackus in the form of line art. Color in this chap and be on your way to tackling something new.

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May 20, 2013

Description: Here is another Smurf that looks more like a miniature troll or goblin. This lesson is going to show you "how to draw Hackus", step by step from the upcoming film 'Smurfs 2'. Like Vixy Smurf Hackus is also a Naughty that was created by Gargamel. He has red colored hair and his skin tone is not blue at all. It's more like a pale greenish shade. He will be voiced by J.B. Smoove and will most likely be one of the favorited characters from the film. Drawing Hackus shouldn't be a challenge but if it is, keep going at it till you get it right. Adios mi amigos and remember, if there is other Smurfs that you would like me to draw just let me know.

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