How to Draw Gargamel

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You will begin by drawing your basic guidelines and shapes to form a frame for Gargamel. This will enable you to draw out the rest of this character with ease.


Now you can start drawing out the head for Gargamel, and this shape is a bit chiseled and odd looking. When that is done draw in the ear, eye shapes, and then his neck. Next move down a bit so you can draw out the body which is mainly his clothing, a   


Wow look how awesome he is starting to look in step three. All you have to do now to add more character to this fowl villain is draw out his big nose which also forms the top of his lip, and mouth. He has a cheek bump as well, and a frown line or cre   


To finish off Gargamel, all you have to do is draw out and color in his thick eyebrows, and then his hair. Next, draw the other foot and then add all the definition and detail to his face, clothes, and body. Erase any unwanted lines to clean up your    


Here is what Gargamel looks like when you are all done. Now you can color him in and move on to the next tutorial. I hope you had fun with this lesson, because I know I did.

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December 25, 2010

Description: I know you guys must have heard about a new movie that is coming out soon based on the Smurfs. Yesterday I was looking through all of the lessons I have submitted to see who I forgot as a character that belongs to the old Smurfs cartoon series that used to run back in the eighties. I found that I didn’t have a tutorial yet on "how to draw Gargamel", step by step. Every series has to have some sort of villain and sometimes they come as twos. Gargamel is what you call one of the Smurfs rivals and it’s not because they want to be enemies with the human man at all. Instead Gargamel is the one that can’t stand the little blue creatures that lives in the forest near his cabin in the woods. Gargamel is a sorcerer, and even though he wants to think of himself as a great wizard, he is often running into the same problems over and over again whenever he tries to do something to capture the Smurfs. He went as far as creating his own Smurf which we know as Smurfette. His main goal in life is to capture enough Smurfs so he can create a potion that will give him lots, and lots of gold. He will not rest until his mission in life is complete. Gargamel’s attire consists of a ratty looking black wizards robe, red leggings, and red shoes. He is mostly bald except for the hair that is still vital on the sides and back of his head, and he is most recognized by the one tooth in his mouth. He is also accompanied by his trusted cat Azrael, another wicked beast that wants to eat Smurfs instead of making a potion out of them. Anyways, I think you will like learning "how to draw Gargamel" because he is one individual that is highly motivated to seek and destroy. I shall return in a bit so stick around.

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