How to Draw a Sacred Heart

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Start off by drawing a heart shape like you see here, or in any style you like.


You will now draw the crown of thorns which is wrapped around the heart. Notice how the thorns are laced. Take your time with this step so the thorns come out right.


Next, draw the gash on the left or right side of the heart like so, and also draw in the spilling blood.


Next, you will draw the lip of the heart which is going to be where the flames are coming from. This part sort of looks like a valve. Sketch in some detailing and then move to the next step.


Lastly, draw the flame which is pouring out of the heart, and then add some detailing to the flame as well. You can choose to draw a cross in the center of the valve if you want, but that is totally up to you. Clean up the drawing to prepare it for c   


Here is the line art once you have completed this tutorial. I hope you had fun with drawing the sacred heart of Jesus.

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March 7, 2017

Description: Some may know what this next lesson represents and some of you may not. I wanted to do another religious tutorial on something that is used in tattoo culture. I have looked at many references of this particular heart, and after trying to decided what I thought would be the best way to make the design into a lesson, I finally came to the conclusion that I would make it simple, but meaningful at the same time. Here is "how to draw a sacred heart", step by step. Now the sacred heart is one of the most famous depictions on how much Jesus loves everyone on earth. This devotion is supposed to represent Jesus' heart in physical form which shows his divine love. The sacred heart is most commonly recognized by Catholics, Lutherans, and even Anglicans. In the real art of the sacred heart there is a bright shinning light that is omitting from the heart as well as a cross in the center of the heart. The flaming heart is surrounded by the Devin light, the slice on the side of the heart represents the wound that was made with a lance by the Roman solider who pierced Jesus to see if he was alive still. The heart is also being hugged by the crown of thorns which represents the death of Jesus. There is so much more to the sacred heart and for me to sit here and break down it's meaning will only make it that much more complex to understand because it is my interpretation of the meaning behind the sacred heart of Jesus. For now I will just show you the ropes to drawing it instead. I hope you have fun, and remember to show your friends what you have created. I shall return folks so stay tuned in if you can.

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