How to Draw Angel Hearts


Start off this first by drawing a single heart like so.


Next, draw in the wings on the heart and when you do this make sure the wings are arched upwards for a flying pose.


Next, draw in the halo or ring like so, and move to step four.


Now that you have the main heart drawn in, you can get started with the second heart. Draw another and proceed to step five.


Again, draw in the wings the same way and pose like you did the first angel heart.


Draw the halo and that's pretty much it for this step.


You are on the last heart so make it simple and exactly like the left angel heart. You can also tweak your hearts in size if you like.


Draw in the wings and you can start cleaning up the drawing preparing the hearts for color.


Draw in the last halo, and you are finally done with this tutorial on drawing angel hearts.


Here is your finished drawing of the angel hearts. Now you can color them in to your liking.


I couldn't fit the real colored image for the thumbnail so here it is all colored in. I hope you like it.

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March 6, 2012

Description: I know this lesson may not seem like much, but someone asked me if I could make a tutorial that was recent, or up to date on angel hearts. After thinking about what would make a cool lesson, I decided that drawing three hearts with wings and halos would be something that could be fun to replicate. The design only took me about thirty minutes to draw, and the coloring process took me about thirty minutes. There will be no more heart tutorials going up today, I thought that it would be nice to make some simple lessons that everyone can tackle instead of only a handful of people. Even if you think that you can't tackle a lesson because it seems to hard for you, it's always good to try it out for practice and to challenge yourself. I was working on a warrior character that I started in live stream for three hours after I signed off of streaming and believe me that is definitely a challenge for me to finish. There is so many variables that I'm trying to put together so the drawing comes out decent. I will work on it again today, possibly during live. Anyways, this lesson on "how to draw angel hearts" will definitely lift your spirits a bit if you are feeling low, or angry for reasons unknown to me. Have fun and remember to always show someone your finished work to get feedback whether it is positive or negative. Peace out people and enjoy!

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