How to Draw a Blue Tang

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Begin by making an oblong shape for the body guide like so. Once that is done draw in one guide.


Next, begin sketching out the actual body frame and structure of the blue tang. As you can see the body is oblong from head to tail. Make the mouth opening like so, and draw the fins and tail fringe.


Color in an eye, and draw the pectoral fin as well as the anal fin.


Next and lastly, draw the marking the flows down the side of the body. As you can see the pattern starts at the eye and ends at the tail. Sketch in detailing to all of the fins, and then begin cleaning up your mistakes.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Now you can grab those three colors to add some vibrant shades to your new blue tang fish.

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March 4, 2012

Description: How many of you remember a fish named Dory from the Disney movie 'Finding Nemo"? Well, my little sister watched Finding Nemo for the first time, and she thought Dory was absolutely hilarious. Besides the fact that someone asked me to make a tutorial on "how to draw a Blue Tang", step by step, my sister actually wanted me to draw the real version of this fish as well. So here is my interpretation on the Blue Tang, and even though it's not Dory, I think you will enjoy this lesson anyway. What makes blue tangs a very desirable fish to own is their stunning pattern, and their vibrant colors. Their bodies are covered an electric blue tone, that is nicely paired with a soft jet black color that covers the eyes, and trails down the side of the body as well as outline the edges of their yellow tails. They have oblong shaped bodies and should be placed in a salt water tank if you would like to keep a blue tang as a pet in an aquarium. These fish come from Fiji, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, and Maldives. They can grow to be up to nine inches, and if you do choose to buy one of these fish to add to your aquarium, they will definitely be the topic of discussion when company comes around. The blue tang is an easy fish to draw which means you should have no problems at all. The best part to this tutorial is coloring in the fish. Well, that does it for me. I will meet you guys back here at eight o'clock for live. Adios people and enjoy!

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