How to Draw a Rifle Easy

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We will first draw the body or entire stock of the rifle like you see here.


Up next, draw the butt stock which is the end of the rifle that gets pressed up against the shoulder. Add the detailing to the rifle, and then proceed to step three.


You will now draw in the shape of the barrel along with the sight at the tip of the barrel.


Let's go ahead and draw in the short sized scope. I made the rifle scope short because I wanted this to be as easy as possible to tackle.


You can now draw the trigger, as well as the guard that is in front of the trigger.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch in the detailing on forestock, then you can erase all your mistakes.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in your new rifle drawing to perfection.

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November 19, 2014

Description: Okay guys so here it is, a couple lessons on drawing some weapons easy for the hunting season. Or at least where I'm from it's hunting season and it's about to end. Today I have two weapons that are commonly used for hunting, a shotgun and a rifle. Here is "how to draw a rifle easy", step by step. The rifle I made in this tut is actually supposed to be a 30-06. I was thinking about making the tut on a 30/30 because it's an awesome brush gun when hunting and you need to keep quiet, but I didn't know how many folks would recognize a 30/30 rifle. Anyways, I'm pretty sure that this lesson will be easy to tackle and get done. I made the rifle as easy as I could without taking away too many details from the 30-06. Have fun and don't forget to show people what you have created, adios folks.

#how to draw rifles
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