How to Draw Skull and Guns


Here you will draw out a head guide for the skull and then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the guidelines for the rifles.


Using the head guide, sketch out the shape for your skull's head structure. This should include the prominent cheek bones and upper row of teeth. I made fans for two of the front teeth but you don't have to add that if you don't want.


Next up, use the facial guidelines to draw the expressive brows which are in a downward pose. We will then draw the nasal cavity and then the indents under the nose and around the brows.


Finish the shape of the eyes, and then add the creases under each one. Don't forget to add the dimples on the sides of the nose.


The skull is pretty much done. All you need to do next is draw the barrel of the first riffle, then add the site and detailing to the gun.


Finish the rifle or gun by drawing the stock, clip and carry handle like so. Add detailing to the magazine which are the grooves.


We will start drawing the second rifle barrel like so. Do this the exact same way you did the first rifle/gun.


Finish everything up by drawing the stock, trigger, magazine, and handle. Erase your mistakes and the guidelines/shapes, and you are all done.


Here it is. The finished drawing of a skull and guns. Color it in and even add a banner with your favorite quote.

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March 1, 2015

Description: Here is an amazingly awesome drawing that I created the other day and I'm sure a lot of you artists out there will fall for this lesson on how to draw skull and guns, step by step. I haven't done anything like this lately so I thought something exciting and powerful would be appreciated by all you gun and skull artists out there. This concept would also make an cool tattoo design for a shoulder, back, arm or even leg. Instead of having skull and crossbones, you have yourself a mean looking skull with two rifles crossing into one another making the old skull and crossbones effect. Anyways, drawing skulls is just as fun as drawing rifles so enjoy this tut folks. Let me know if you like the idea so I can get a good feel on what to make more tutorials on. Adios people.

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