How to Draw a Surfer Dude


Here you start by drawing the guides to create the head, torso and hip area. You will also need to draw in the leg and arm guidelines.


Using the head guide you will sketch out the shape of the face. The face should have a nice angled jaw structure. Also add a hairline.


Here you will draw the lining for the nose, then draw the eyebrow. Draw the mouth as well as the ear.


In this fourth step you will completely draw in the surfer's hairstyle which is sort of long and combed back.


Draw and roughly color in the sunglasses. When you do that you can add the chin clef and detailing inside his ear.


Most surfer's have buff, toned bodies so because of this belief, you will need to draw his body the same way. Start with a thick strong neck and some of his shoulders. Notice the bulk look already just with the neck and shoulders drawn.


Here you will start the drawing process for the chest, torso and then the surfer's shorts.


Okay, draw the rest of the surfer's arm, and when you begin drawing the hand, you will need to position the fingers to make a gesture saying "hang ten".


Draw the bent fingers, then sketch in the detail and definition on the surfer's chest and stomach. As you can see your typical six pack abs.


Complete the body by drawing the surfer's legs and feet. Add muscle detail then draw the flip flops and toes.


Every surfer needs to have a surfboard. That is exactly what you will draw here. Give this surfer any size or style surfboard that you like. Erase your mistakes and enjoy the line art below.


Here is the completed drawing. Add the decal on the surfboard and you are finished.

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November 19, 2014

Description: When I look at this picture all that comes to my mind is Johnny Bravo. His cool slick back blonde hair, dark sunglasses, suave style and appeal makes him look incredibly attractive to create. I honestly don't know what made me want to make this guy, I think it was because someone asked if I could make a tut on "how to draw a surfer dude" so I did. I really like the drawing and I especially like the colors I used to make the art bright and shiny. I guess that's all I can say because I don't know what else I can talk about when it comes to drawing a surfer. I shall return in a bit so try and stick around.

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