How to Draw a Punk Rock Chibi


You will begin like we always do by making the guidelines and shapes for the chibi. Don't forget to add the facial guidelines too as well as the limb lines.


Next, draw out the shape of the chibi punk rocker face and then incorporate the shape of her ear.


Next we will draw the style of her hair which is parted bangs and long straight locks. The ends should have formed tips that sway to the left.


We will now draw out the shapes of her eyes which is large and bold. One of her eyes has a raised brow but even so, she is staring at the person who is drawing her. Add some freckles and then draw the nose and mouth. Finish the step by drawing the e   


You can now draw the torso which is her wearing a muscle shirt and her arm is extended because she is playing her guitar. Add the hand and fingers then the bracelet.


We will now draw the tattoo on her upper arm and then draw some of the shape of her body and then draw in her belt. You will also draw the design on the top as well.


We will just draw the flare of her skirt as you can see here. Add the rippling and ruffles too.


Now we will have fun as we start to draw the guitar which looks like a coffin. Add the empty hollow hole and color that area in as well. Then draw the fingers from the other hand.


All you have to do here is draw in the guitar strings.


Lastly, draw in the chibi legs and then her high raised boots. Add the laces and detailing to the boots before you start to erase the mistakes and guides.


Here you have it. A wicked cool lesson on drawing a chibi punk rock girl. I hope you enjoyed the tut because I know I did. If you love music don't forget to like, comment and share.

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April 26, 2019

Description: Here is the special treat I was talking about. It's a wicked cool lesson on a chibi punk rock girl that I was randomly working on and turned into a tut. I know I haven't done any cool chibi concepts in a while so I hope you all like this one on how to draw a chibi punk rock girl, step by step. As you can see this punk rock chibi has it going on. She is all decked out and ready to take the stage as she shreds on her electric guitar. Her piercing, clothes, makeup and hair makes this punk rock chibi one of the funniest chibi drawing tutorials out there. I guess you could say that I am known for my chibi art and I do hope that those of you who like drawing chibis will enjoy this lesson as well. Okay guys, I have to prepare more lessons for tomorrow so be sure to enjoy the ones I uploaded today and come back around tomorrow. Adios amigos and rock on!

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