How to Draw Witch Hands

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To begin, lets draw the guides that will help us draw our witch hands with ease. Start with two shapes for the actual hands, then draw the guidelines for the fingers and arms.


Starting on the outer parts of the guidelines, begin to draw the lining or shape of the witch's wrists, then thumbs. Once that is complete draw in a long gnarly nail. The lining should be uneven and bumpy, remember these hands will have warts on them   


Continue to work on the hands by drawing two more digits. Here it is the ring fingers and middle fingers. Notice they are real rank looking and have warts, wrinkles and crinkles. Don't forget to draw in those witch nails as well.


Finish up the hands by drawing the index fingers and thumbs. Once that is done you can sketch in the warts, crinkles and wrinkles. Also, add detailing to the nail bed of the thumbs and with all the fingers be sure to draw small swirls to define the k   


Lastly, we will draw in the sleeves for your witch hands. You can choose to go with any style of sleeve. I chose a simple style with holes for that worn and tattered down look. Erase the mistakes if you made any and then erase the guides if they are    


Now you are done. Just color in your drawing and when the coloring is done show off your work to others around the world by uploading your finished art. Happy Halloween folks.

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September 19, 2016

Description: So Halloween is right around the corner and because of this I fell obligated and inspired to do some really cool Halloween related lessons that will help all you artists out there get the ball rolling when it comes to creating art to decorate your house, books, or even room with. Here is the first of three, how to draw witch hands, step by step. I don't think I have ever done a lesson on just drawing the hands of a witch. This seems to be an important concept when drawing witches of the gnarly type. We all know that there are all types of witches, but for Halloween these hands are the only ones that will do. Anyways, go ahead and enjoy the task of drawing witch hands and I will return with more tuts that will make you want to get up and draw.

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