How to Draw a Chibi Witch Girl


Begin like we always do, and that is by making a circle and squiggle body shape. Add some facial guidelines too.


Using the head guide you just made, draw in the shape of the chibi witches face and then draw in her hair which consists of bangs and some short sides.


In this step just add more hair on the sides which should look puffy. When that is done draw in the shape of her ear, and then draw the large shapes of her eyes, lashes, eyebrows and a small dash for a mouth.


We will now get busy drawing her witch hat. Add the rim first and then draw the band around the hat. Of course all witch hats taper off to a point, do the same here. Add a ball at the end too. Finish it all off by giving this witch a neck and some sh   


So far the hat, face and hair are done. We can start drawing the body which starts with the bust and then flows out into a one piece gown. You can draw the legs and her shoes too.


Draw in her sleeves, arms, and one hand. Have the hand hold a crooked broom stick. Add a V neck line and some ruffle to the dress.


Here you will finish the broom by adding the rest of the stick and then the brush of the broom . Erase the guides and mistakes, then you can call this drawing finished.


Here she is, the finished drawing of a chibi witch girl. Color in the drawing and you're done.

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October 24, 2017

Description: Hey again ya'll. It's no doubt that Halloween is coming closer and closer and that is why I wanted to upload this creation on how to draw a chibi witch, step by step. I know there are plenty of tuts on drawing witches, but I wanted to make my own because I have not done a chibi witch before. Instead of making things complicated, I kept everything as simple as possible. Of course you can add what you like to your drawing when you start learning from this lesson. Okay everyone. I have to go because I need to do homework so enjoy my lesson on drawing a chibi witch girl. Ta ta for now.

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