How to Draw a Fairy Eye

How to Draw a Fairy Eye
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Are you ready for the first step? Good, start with the upper lid line. The end of the eye should be straight and piercing.


Here you will draw the eye crease, then draw in the wing shaped flares at the end of the eye like so. As you can see the wing like shapes are layered.


You will add some rib lines to the wings and then sketch in some pretty lashes.


Now that the top art of the decoration is done, you can draw in the thin cut eyebrow. Add some loose hair to the beginning of the eyebrow like so, then proceed to step five.


Here you will draw in the bottom lid line. When this task is done you will have a completed eye. Add the curly lines at the end of the eye and draw in the water line to the inner corner of your eye.


You can now add some bottom lashes, and then proceed to step seven.


You will now finish the drawing by adding the lining to form the iris and then draw and color in the pupil.


If there is any mistakes you can erase them now. Color in your fairy eye and you are done.

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November 1, 2014

When you think of fairies and their eyes what would you imagine them to look like? Well, for me I imagine them to look magical, colorful, and very decorative. Anyways for the second and last eye lesson for the day I will show you "<em>how to draw a fairy eye</em>", step by step. You can actually make two of these eyes so you have a drawing on fairy eyes, or you can just do the one. Like with the mermaid eye there are so many color possibilities as well as art designing. The options are almost endless because you make what you want or like to see. Enjoy this tut folks, and let me know if there are any other eye designs you would like to see.

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