Fairy Face Drawing Lesson

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Let us begin this step the way we always do and that is with the guide shape for the head/face and then guidelines for the neck and shoulder.


Up next, we will begin to draw the profile of the fairy's face. Start with the forehead and then slowly progress down to form the shape of the nose, her lips, then the chin and jaw line. Once that is done also draw the long neck line. Notice the head   


We will now draw in the hairline to create the hairstyle in the next step. Once that is done you can sketch out and color in the eyebrow. Draw the shape of her eye which is open by the way, then draw the ear and the detailing inside the ear. Don't fo   


This is my favorite step because we will be drawing the fairy hair. I chose to go with a thick, long straight style, but you can choose any style you like. If you are doing the style here, be sure to draw the curl at the ends of the hair. Also sketch   


The final step consists of pieces of hair flowing upward. I mean this is a fairy's face which means her hair should be long and lustrous. Erase the mistakes and all the guides.


And that is how you draw a fairy face. I do hope you enjoyed this lesson. Color in your artwork before sharing your outcome with others.

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January 17, 2017

Description: I know we all love drawing fairies and their beautiful wings, but why haven't we or I ever focused on a fairies face? Well, since I never really did any good lessons on how to draw a fairy face, I thought today I would. The coloring job I did came out phenomenal. I love the way I gave expression to this fairy's face. She is being drawn from a side profile view to make things easier for others who are novice artist. Anyways, if you have been waiting for a tut on drawing a fairy face, here it is. Have fun with it, alter it if you like to give your art a unique flare. I will be back with some other lessons so try and stay tuned in.

#how to draw faces #draw fairies
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