How to Draw a Fairy Princess


Make the guide for the head and torso, and then sketch in the facial guidelines along with the guidelines for the arms and body.


Next, we will define the shape of her face, then begin to draw in her long, flowing hair. Notice that the hair is in layers which is why it's shorter strands along the sides of her face.


Next, use the facial guidelines to draw out the shapes of her eyes and eyebrows. Color in the brows and add these long lashes. Don't forget to draw in the nose and mouth/lips, and then her ear peaking through her hair. Oh yeah, the part on top of her   


Now that the face and hair is all drawn in, we can draw the shape of her neck and then draw in the shoulders and arms. We will then draw the torso but this also includes the creases, folds, and layers of cloth that makes up her top or blouse.


Finish drawing the arms and when that is done you can draw the one hand that is resting on the ground or floor. Finally to finish this step you will add the bracelets on her arm.


Here is where you want to take your time and draw the wings. As you can see her princess wings are in three layers and all the rib detailing is drawn together in a very attractive, refined manner.


We will now draw the rest of her body which are her legs but they are covered with the bottom half of her clothing. This is a skirt that is long and layered by you don't see that here. To add thickness sketch in the creases, folds and layers.


For the last step you will draw in the rock that she is sitting on. When that is done you can erase the mistakes and guides.


That's it, you are ready to color in your fairy princess and show people what you just spent time drawing.

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January 12, 2016

Description: I have drawn lots of fairies in my day but I don't think I ever made a lesson on how to draw a fairy princess, step by step. This is one of the prettiest fairies I've drawn which means I am very pleased with the outcome. Her wings, clothing and accessories are all hints that this is no ordinary fairy. Even though she is now wearing a crown or tiara above her brow, most princesses don't like exposing that they are royalty. Instead, the glitter in her wings, the perfection in her face, all gives clues that she is someone of importance. I had a lot of fun drawing this fairy princess and I hope you do too. Thanks guys and be sure to stick around because there are fourteen more lessons being uploaded today.

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