How to Draw a Phoenix for Beginners


Go ahead and draw in the shapes and guidelines to create the workable frame for the phoenix.


Here you will begin to shape out the head and beak.


Draw in the rest of the face and also finish off the beak. Add the tongue inside the mouth and draw an almond shaped large eye. Add the lining for the flame like feathers on the crown of the head.


Add a collar to create the neck.


All you have to do here is add more shapes to create more flames.


Go ahead and give this phoenix the fiery wings, and be sure to add more detailing.


Draw the crest for the chest, and then draw in the talons or feet/claws.


We will tackle the tail and this should be drawn in a long swoop.


Finish off the thick, flowing tail and erase the mistakes as well as guides.


Here is the line art, now have fun coloring it in.

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August 18, 2020

Description: Hello one and all and welcome back to another great lesson that is for all you beginning artists out there. I will start the day with this tut on how to draw a Phoenix for beginners, step by step. I literally have so many lessons on the phoenix so I won't talk much on this creature. I just want you all to learn something new that is cool and simple to create so let's have fun drawing a phoenix for beginners.

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