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How to Draw a Bird of Flames

Artist: Static_ghost / November 6, 2013
How to Draw a Bird of Flames

Step 1.

First lets start with a basic shapes of our fiery phoenix. Draw a circular head and oval - shaped body and make a line connecting the head and body. This will be the neck.

Step 2.

Now add the basic shapes of the legs

Step 3.

let's draw the details of the face and beak

Step 4.

You can draw a hooked beakof bird of prey to it and then it will be look more dangerous. Small beak would make it more friendly.

Step 5.

Make lines coming of both sides of the bird, these will be the fiery wings

Step 6.

Next add in the flaming feathers.

Step 7.

Now its time to finish details.

Step 8.

Sketch out the feet of phoenix with an eagle’s talons.

Step 9.

This is our final drawing. Have fun at сolouring!

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Artist: Static_ghost
Date Added: November 6, 2013
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Tags: how to draw phoenix, how to draw phoenix birds
Description: Here's a cool tutorial showing you 'how to draw a phoenix, bird of flames. I hope you guys will have fun with this tutorial!