How to Draw a Panther with Wings and Dragon

1 Guidelines

First, start off the with the large onslaught of guidelines to shape up the body of the panther and the dragon.

2 Face Shape

Then, work on the head shape for the dragon.

3 Face Shape 2

Next, let's add more detailing to the dragon's head as well as the horns and hair bordering his face.

4 Facial Features 3

Next, work on the teeth and tongue for the dragon.

5 Body Shape

Then, let's work on the neck for the dragon as well.

6 Face Shape Panther

Next, work on the head for the panther.

7 Body Shape

Next, we can work on the wings for the panther as well, we will start simple for this part.

8 Body Shape 2

Next, work on more of the wings as well for the dragon and the panther, work from top to bottom.

9 Body Shape 2

Then, let's draw the torso and forelegs of this feline.

10 Body Shape 3

Afterwards, sketch in the lower part of the body.

11 Final Touches

Lastly, draw the tail and the arm for the dragon.

12 Final Line Art

Once you have followed all the steps and sketched everything, this should be your final result! Great work, guys!

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July 16, 2020

Description: So up next I will be taking you on another mythilogical ride with this lesson that is going to show you how to draw a panther with wings and dragon, step by step. The two mythical beasts are in flight as they are about to battle one another, or going to battle against another beast that resides in the sky. I have never made a drawing on a panther with wings so this is a cool depiction of two of my favorite creatures/animals. I love the feline species and I also love dragons so I put the two together and created this drawing tutorial that will show you how to draw mythical beasts. I do hope you enjoy the piece, be sure to share these lessons so other artists/people can find them. And also be sure to upload your finished pieces so I can check them out as well.

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