Draw a Wyrm Dragon


Again, start off with some guidelines and shapes to form the frame for your wyrm dragon head.


Using the head guide, slowly start sketching out the structure of the dragon's forehead and some of the snout.


Before we go further, sketch in some small spike like shapes for the texture part of the wyrm's formation.


We will now focus on the wrinkling, creases and folks that are made with this dragon's face because he is making a snarling expression. Notice how the brow bends down and his eye is seen in a very evil or sinister pose. Sketch in the definition and d   


We will now sketch out the actual shape of the snout and jaw structure. Add the long, thick horn and then sketch in the detailing and definition around the surface of the dragons horn, skin base of the horn and on the face.


We will now slowly sketch in the teeth. Start with the fangs and then sketch out each smaller tooth that lines the whole inside of the mouth. You will then sketch in and color a bit of the stretched skin tissue to the corner of the mouth like you see   


Finish the tongue and then add some texture detailing to the tongues surface like you see here.


Up next, draw in the other horn and then begin starting the process for the frills which fill the back part of the dragon's head or jaw. There are two layers, but the layer that is closest to the head looks more like spikes.


We will now draw the shape of the dragon's neck which is in a slithering pose just like a worm would be in. Add the definition down the top part of the neck as well.


Lastly, you will sketch in all the scales that are on the surface of the dragon's skin. Take your time and do this lightly. We don't want to overdo the skin with scales so be sure to just draw in scales the same way you see them done here. Erase the    


Here is the line art. Now you can have fun coloring your dragon the way you like. I hope you liked this tutorial on drawing a wyrm.

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August 26, 2021

Description: Hey guys, so up next or today I thought I would do something different and make a lesson on my interpretation of a Wyrm Dragon. I don't know if a lot of you folks know, but there are actually several types of dragons in the fantasy world or realm. There are your regular standard dragons, Drakes, Wyverns, Amphipteres and Wyrms which is what I will show you how to draw now. The differences between all these types of dragons are pretty drastic. For example, Wyverns are dragons that have wings, but not front limbs or arms/hands. Drakes are dragons that walk on all fours like a dog like beast but have no wings at all and can not fly. Wyrms are thick, worm like dragons that also have no wings. Getting into too much detail about the different dragons will keep me here for a while. I just really want to show you folks how to draw a Wyrm dragon, but I will only be doing the head of one. I spent a lot of time on this dragon so I do hope you all enjoy it. I will be back later with some other fun stuff to draw so try and stick around or come back around. Adios folks and good luck with this lesson.

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