How to Draw an Anglerfish Skull

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1 Guidelines

First, start with 3 circles for the shapes of the anglerfish.

2 Face Shape

Then, we will work on the brows and the head shape.

3 Facial Features

Next, work on the eyes and the upper jaw as well as the bulb on its head with skull in the center.

4 Face Shape 2

Next, draw the fins and tail.

5 Facial Features 2

Then, we can work on the upper row of teeth as well as the lower jaw.

6 Final Touches

Lastly, draw the seaweed backdrop and the scales.

7 Final Line Art

Once you are done, you should end up with something like this. Great work!

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July 15, 2020

Description: Okay guys, here is another kickass lesson on one of the more popular fish species in the sea. Today I am going to show you how to draw an anglerfish skull, step by step. You don't know how fun this drawing was to create. I think the anglerfish is such an ugly fish, but that is what makes it so cool looking too. The size of the jaw and the genetic misshapen makeup of the fish is so unique there are so many ways to create art on this specific creature from the deep sea. I do hope you enjoy the lesson, again I had so much fun making it. Lots of hard work went into this piece I wanted to make sure it was cool enough for all to enjoy and tackle.

#how to draw anglerfish #how to draw deep sea fish
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