How to Draw the Gerber Baby

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Start with a circle then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Sketch out the actual shape of the face which should have some chubby cheeks. Sketch out the thin pieces of hair that curl upward on the sides of the baby's head, then move to step three.


Simple thick arches for the eyes should be added using the facial guidelines, along with the shape of the small baby nose. Draw the top lip like so, then move to step four.


Finish drawing the eyes making sure the bottom lid line is thick. Color in the pupils, then color in the nostrils. Sketch out the thin baby eyebrows like so, then lightly sketch in the detailing for the nose near the eyes. Add top lids along with the   


You're almost done folks. Sketch out the baby hair which is combed to the right side like so, then draw out the ears, add detailing inside of the right ear, then you are basically done with the baby's face.


Lastly, draw the shoulders and clothing. Sketch in all the creases on the clothes, then begin erasing the mistakes.


This is the finished drawing when you are all done. Now you can add some faded colors if you want. Or you can leave it as a sketch.

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November 21, 2012

Description: Awe how cute. Here is a face that I know almost all of you recognize. You don't need to know the name of this baby to realize who it is. Across the world you will see the baby you see here on jars, boxes and containers of Gerber baby products. That's right, today you will be learning "how to draw the Gerber baby", step by step. This adorable face has been printed on baby jar food labels since 1931. Back in 1928 the Fremont Canning company was looking for a face, particularly a baby face, to be the new image for a product line that they where going to be marketing to the public that same year. In 1928 the canning company decided the best way to choose a baby face is to run a contest so that folks could submit their drawings, paintings, and sketches. Through out the contest they received many works of art of baby faces. Some where highly detailed drawings while others where just simple rough sketches. The winner was a woman who submitted a drawing of a five month old baby. The drawing was incomplete and done in charcoal. Along with the drawing was a letter that said if her drawing was chosen, she would professionally finish the charcoal sketch of the baby. Well, the drawing that Dorthy Hope Smith submitted won. Even though she won the contest, the company didn't want the drawing completed. Instead they left the sketch of the baby as is and printed it out on labels that would cover all products manufactured by the Gerber company. So who was this nationally known baby face from the late twenties? Her name is Ann Turner Cook. As of today she is eighty six years old. Well, I hope you enjoy drawing the Gerber baby. I tried to make as simple as possible. Adios people and enjoy!

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