How to Draw a Native American


Sketch out the shape of the girl's face, then draw in the lining to create the neck and shoulders. You will also need to add the facial guidelines as well.


Using the guides from step one, begin sketching out the face structure for your Native American.


Next, carefully draw in her neat looking eyebrows, then draw out the shapes of her bright big eyes. Add the lashes and lids, then proceed to step four.


This should be an easy step because all you have to do is draw in the nose, then draw the mouth or lips. Her lips should be full and sort of pouting.


The facial features are pretty much all done. What you will do next is sketch out the top part of her head which is her hair bunched up from the leather band around her brow. Add detailing to her hair to add texture and realism.


Now we can sketch out the shape of her neck as well as her shoulders.


Here is where you want to take the most time with your drawing because you have to sketch out the long straight hair which is blowing in the wind. Add detailing and loose strands for added body and flow.


Next and lastly, you will sketch out the bone necklace which is thick and weaved with small beads. There is also a pendant that hangs in the center. Lastly, sketch in the detailing to form the neck and collar bones, then draw the strap from her dress   


Here is the drawing of a pretty Native American girl. You can now color in the sketch and be on your way.

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August 3, 2013

Description: Lately I have been inspired to do all sorts of art based on figures I find beautiful and interesting. This tutorial is going to be based on a young Native american girl that is in her teens (sixteen to seventeen years old). Her hair flows like soft black fur, and her face carries an expression of innocence and peace. I really wanted to add some traditional Native American attire so I went ahead and draw her wearing a beautiful bone and turquoise necklace. She also has a leather band around the base of her head which crowns the forehead. Some tribal marks on her cheeks, and red colored lips finish off this Native beauty. I really did enjoy drawing a Native American in the form of a woman. If you love Native American art, you should also like this tut. Have fun and remember that you can tweak the drawing any way you like to make it your own.

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