How to Draw Indians, Draw Native Americans

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 14, 2012

Step 1.

We'll start at the top with our tips, starting with head wear and headdresses. Headbands are normal and can be accessorized with bead work and feathers. Also headdresses that look like crowns made from feathers are available and normally symbolize a    

Step 2.

Indian clothing is made from hides from animals such as bears and dear, and are normally layered. There isn't a huge difference between what males and females wear, just depending on what sorts of jobs they do. Someone that harvests will probably wea   

Step 3.

On their feet they either wear moccasins or just go barefoot. Moccasins are made from the same hides and leather as their clothing.

Step 4.

Indian accessories are made of things such as polished stones and glass beads. Leather straps and even the teeth and claws from hunted animals.

Step 5.

We're going to start with a couple of bases. First we'll draw a base for a female, giving her more of a curve to her body and a round head.

Step 6.

Then we'll draw her a partner, a male with a broader body and a longer face. We'll also make him a bit taller than she is.

Step 7.

We'll define the shapes of their faces as well as draw in their eyes and their brows.

Step 8.

We'll finish off their faces after that, drawing in their mouths and noses. And we'll give the woman a few freckles across her cheeks and nose.

Step 9.

Next we'll move onto their hair. They're hair is thick, dark and either braided or woven in different ways.

Step 10.

From there we'll draw in their necks and draw their shirts in as well, giving them tops that wrap one layer over the other.

Step 11.

We'll give them arms next, giving the guy muscled arms and giving the woman leaner arms, holding them in front of her with her hands folded.

Step 12.

We'll draw the lower half of their clothing after that, drawing flaps of hides that cover their hips and part of their legs.

Step 13.

After that we'll give them some legs, after all they need legs to stand. The woman will be wearing moccasins, but the guy with be barefoot with leather wrapped around his calves.

Step 14.

Lastly we'll give them some accessories, drawing in their headpieces and putting beads in their hair. We'll give them leather bands around their arms and we'll give the guy a hand ax and the girl some earrings.

Step 15.

And there you have it. How to draw Indians. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial.

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Description: Here with Thanksgiving tutorial number two and this time I'm going to show you how to draw Indians. First I'll give you a few tips and some details about drawing them and then I shall guide you through some steps so that you can draw your own and impress all your holiday visitors with all your awesome artwork.