How to Draw Little Pony Witch


Begin with the shapes and guidelines for the pony witch like you see here.


You will then draw out the bottom portion of the face shape and then the snout as well as the nostrils. Once that is done go ahead and draw out the large, almond shapes for the eye and make the lid and lashes bold and thick.


Next, draw in the brim of the witch hat and then from the top of those torn out holes go ahead and draw in the shapes of the ears.


Finish off the shape of the hat with the long wispy tip and add a crinkle between the ears on the fabric of the hat.


Go ahead and draw out the shape of the body and then the legs.


We will now draw out the long, full tail which whips around to the front of her face.


Lastly, draw in the spell book and then draw the inscriptions in her book as well. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.


There you have it, a finished drawing of witch pony MLP style.

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June 12, 2020

Description: Another witch for the books but this time the drawing will be done MLP style or My Little Pony style. I have always wanted to work on a concept that was a witch inspired by a MLP character. I didn't base this pony witch on a specific character, but you can be creative and make this pony witch into one you are a fan of. So, without further ado, here is how to draw little pony witch, step by step. I colored her in green and gave her a deep bluish/purple colored tail. She is also wearing the signature witch hat and is in the process of casting a spell as she reads from her spell book. Anyways, this was a fun lesson to create and I hope you enjoy tackling it. Meet you all back here in a bit so stick around.

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