Undertale Pony Sans Drawing


Let us begin by drawing the shapes and guidelines for your new Pony character in the form of Sans from Undertale.


Define the shape of the head and incorporate the shadow of the hollow eye and nasal cavity at the same time. Next, draw the beginning parts of the neck shape.


We will now draw in the rest of the left eye and the complete shape of the right eye. The shapes of the eyes should have the arch to create an expression to Sans' face. Lastly for this step, draw in the stitched mouth.


Okay guys, draw the back end, and the front part of the body which is the chest and front leg. Add the collar for the coat that pony Sans is wearing.


If you noticed, we are all done with the face and head. Since Sans is bald or a skeleton, he has no mane. Instead, we will draw other front leg and add the sleeve cuff lines. Add the laces from the hoodie sweater he is wearing.


Finish Pony Sans' body by drawing the back legs and the butt/stomach. Add the waist line for the shorts and then draw in the stripe down the leg.


Here is where you have a choice to draw in a skeletal style tail, or a tail with horse hair on it. If you choose to go with the hair, draw it in next and add the strand detailing lines. If not, draw the bone style tail starting at the base of the but   


And here is what your drawing comes out looking like when you're done. Add some color before showing off your drawing to friends, family or even other Dragoart members by uploading your finished work.

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April 10, 2017

Description: This tutorial goes out to my baby sister who is still a big Undertale fan. She said that it would be cool if I made a drawing lesson on how to draw Sans as a pony from Undertale. Since I knew she really liked the online game, I went ahead and fulfilled her request. Plus, I think other fans of Undertale will have fun with this tut as well. When the finished drawing was completed, she said to me, "you know, it would have been better if you gave Sans a bone tail since he is dead". As soon as she said that, I new she was right. So, here's to you Danielle, I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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