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How to draw pony

Artist: minun_pokemon / August 28, 2013
How to draw pony

Step 1.

First,draw the forehead,muzzle,and chin,which slightly curves upward at the end.

Step 2.

Next,draw the hop of the head,the ear,line in the ear,and the neck and part of the line for the front of her neck,which would lead toher chest,then legs and hooves.

Step 3.

After that,draw in the design for her mane,which is curvey,and a little more on the long side.

Step 4.

Now,colour her mane,and add in the four highlights that lie in her mane.

Step 5.

Then,draw the eye,which I will help you to draw in the next four steps.

Step 6.

Draw a more rounded edged,rectangle shape,with a small line coming out of the upper right hand corner of the eye.

Step 7.

Next,draw a curved line in about the middle of the line for where her shines will,and or can be placed at,then draw the eyelashes,which all come from that little line that poked out from the upper right hand corner.

Step 8.

After that,add in the three shines in her eye,the big one more ovalish,the other two,smaller than one another,and more rounded.

Step 9.

Now add in the eye colour.

Step 10.

Last,but not least,add in two little circles for the brighter parts in her eyes,and you,have just learned how to draw a pony,and how to draw an eye.Hope you all learned from this Tutorial,peace out Drago Attists!

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